Women and Wealth Research 2009

Relative Solutions, Wilmington Trust and Campden Research and are proud to present the Women & Wealth 2009 Research. This groundbreaking study provides an in-depth look at how exceptionally affluent women are changing the wealth paradigm, taking control of their futures and steering their wealth to the betterment of their families and communities. It also provides insights into how wealth advisors can best serve them.


The Wilmington Trust/Campden Research Women & Wealth Research 2009, produced in association with Relative Solutions, provides the most comprehensive look at how ultra-high-net-worth women are relating to and managing their wealth. The women who are now or fast becoming the beneficiaries of a massive transfer of wealth have also experienced societal changes that have opened up opportunities for them in their families and work lives.

The research provides invaluable insights into the key concerns affluent women have about their wealth and what they would like to achieve with it, for themselves, their families and communities. The study reveals a valuable snapshot of what these women are grappling with and provides insights so that wealth advisors can best serve these clients. Findings cover the following:

  • How affluent women view wealth in the context of their lives
  • How decisions around investments and spending are made in the family
  • What women want from their advisors
  • Top concerns about the impact of wealth on their families
  • Spending habits
  • Future goals for their wealth


Women are increasingly taking responsibility for managing their wealth and the role it plays in their family, work and community lives. Affluent women see wealth as a means of empowerment to achieve life goals and independence. They seek a holistic approach to wealth management from their advisors, addressing how investments and wealth planning fit in the larger scheme of their lives. This report provides insight into the psyches of the wealthiest of women in the hopes of helping them address the implications of their fortunes to achieve goals. It also presents a foundation of understanding for advisors so they can best serve these clients.