Families who share assets join their emotional system with an economic one, tying their opportunities and their risks together. Learning how to deal with the unique challenges that come from this combination is the focus of our efforts. Money is the most intimate of subjects for families providing fertile ground for confusion and conflict. Parents worry about the impact of wealth on the next generation. Relative Solutions’ groundbreaking work on entitlement has led to a unique “give to get equation™” for parents to use when thinking about raising the next generation in wealth.

We believe the most important objective in resolving conflicts in family enterprises is to maintain both family relationships and the family’s financial assets. The professionals at Relative Solutions are experts in preventing potential conflicts by assisting families to establish governance structures and processes to guide their decision-making, and in defusing conflicts that have already developed by providing neutrality and safety for difficult conversations to occur.


Talking to Your Children about Money and Wealth
Challenges of Newly-Created Wealth
Defining the Need for a Family Office
Equality vs. Equity in the Family Business
What Does it Mean to Have Inherited Wealth?
Using Family Foundations and Family Banks

Position Open: Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO)
Giving Harmoniously as a Family
Family Governance Meets Family Dynamics
A Road Map: Choosing Advisors to Help Your Family with Governance and Family Dynamics
Keeping Up
XX Factor Guidebook