Sustainability 101: What You Need to Know Now to Help Your Family Thrive

Please join Relative Solutions for the 1st Webinar in an Upcoming Three-Part Series on Family Sustainability:

What Does It Mean, Why Does It Matter, and How Do You Get It?

09/16/2010 4pm

Sustainability 101: 

What You Need to Know Now to Help Your Family Thrive

Join Relative Solutions Principals Fredda Herz Brown and Fran Lotery as they provide a preview from their soon-to-be released publication on the important topic of family sustainability.  Fredda and Fran will share insights, best practices and new research on family sustainability. No longer just associated with the environment, sustainability is now a term applied to families who seek to sustain their family capital over generations.

Join Us to Learn

  •  How do families with substantial assets preserve their core values and uniqueness?
  • What you can do now to ensure your family and wealth thrives, not just survives, over time?
  • How do today’s families sustain their family capital (human, social, intellectual and financial) with each new generation?
  • How do you prioritize your family’s needs?