Resolving Ownership Issues

A successful printing company was threatened by a father-daughter battle over issues of management, ownership and creative control. The conflict was so extreme that the father had fired the daughter at least ten times; finally, she refused to come back. However, she wanted ownership of the divisions she had developed. She hired lawyers and was ready to initiate litigation.

Relative Solutions’ Direction
Through discussion and analysis, it became clear that father and daughter would never work together again. Thus, we focused on developing a solution that she felt was fair, would meet the father’s needs to keep the business intact and would also mend their relationship.

Through our process, a solution emerged. The father established a trust fund for his daughter’s child and provided his daughter with office equipment so she could begin a home-based business. Sessions between the father, mother and daughter helped heal wounds from the years of struggling. Family occasions were again attended by all with a fair degree of comfort.