Relative Solutions Conducting Women and Wealth Study

Relative Solutions’ Women and Wealth Study Seeking Women with Substantial Family Wealth To Participate in a Confidential Interview Study

We are seeking a few women between the ages of 45 and 65, with children, whose family net worth is at least $25M, to participate in a confidential interview study of their experience and perspectives on the stewardship of family wealth. Campden Press is a partner in this research with Wilmington Trust as the sponsoring organization. The data will be reported at national conferences and in articles for journals and magazines.

About the Project Increasingly, women are creating wealth and making decisions about family wealth. We want to understand the emerging complexities of women and financial management to help advisors and financial institutions develop financial programs that deal with the complexities of women’s lives with regard to money, and to help women become more effective and informed stewards of their family wealth. We want to study the role of women in the broader fabric of the transfer of wealth between generations.

The focus of this project is to develop a clearer picture of some of the changes in how women view and plan to use their wealth. We will be using interviews to develop an in-depth view of how women approach these major issues around wealth and their lives. Our findings will be presented at wealth conferences and in a monograph. We feel that this project will be an important step toward making the unique preferences and views of women clearer, and to identifying their unique voice and perspective, so that advisors can be more helpful to them in addressing their concerns, and so that they can be more helpful in working through the issues that wealth poses for multi-generational families.

. Safeguarding Your Privacy. We have taken great pains to make sure that the information that we obtain will be totally confidential. The interviews will be by phone, will last about one hour, and will be completely confidential. Participants will receive a private number to call from Relative Solutions to arrange an interview. Since most participants will want to receive the study results we will keep a separate list of names and contact information unconnected to the interviews themselves.

While the interviews will be recorded so that they can be transcribed and content and theme analyzed, there will be no way to identify who is being interviewed since names and interviews will not be connected. In addition, the tapes of the interviews will be destroyed after we obtain the data from them. Neither our partner nor the sponsor has access to the list of names or the actual data.

In the report of the study, there will be no way to identify any people who have participated. We will be reporting the data in terms of key themes, issues, concerns, and activities that will not identify any individuals.

For further information or to inquire about participating, please email Fredda Herz Brown or Dennis Jaffe at Relative Solutions at Or if you would prefer you can call Fredda or Dennis at 201 569 0100.