NEW Exploring Wealth Deck

There is an abundance of financial instruments to maximize stock portfolios, create estate plans, and predict profit margins.  What’s lacking in the field are the tools that go beyond the technical vehicles and get at the human side of wealth.

Exploring Wealth is a deck of topical question cards that catalyze contemplation, clarification, and conversation around financial resources.  After selling over 5000 decks, 21/64 and Relative Solutions sought to produce an enhanced version that can more effectively enable users to thoughtfully consider how their attitudes and behavior impact their decisions around wealth.


Exploring Wealth can be used in a variety of settings and among multiple audiences to:

  • Brand the decks with your organization’s logo and use as gifts to donors and clients, at special events, or in your every-day practice;
  • Facilitate discussions at board meetings or family gatherings;
  • Catalyze a wealth planning conversation with donors and clients;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the views of fellow decision-makers around the boardroom or the kitchen table; and,
  • Highlight a card you are wrestling with, and invite peers to let you know how they are addressing that topic.

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