Prescription for Progress: How to Dramatically Increase Your Family’s Sustainability

Join Relative Solutions Principals Fredda Herz Brown and Fran Lotery for the third webinar in a three-part series on family sustainability. During this session, Fredda and Fran will share insights, best practices and new research on family sustainability, and will continue to provide a preview from their soon-to-be released publication on this important topic. No longer just associated with the environment, sustainability is now a term applied to families who seek to preserve and grow their family capital over generations.

Join us to learn:

  • How improving your family’s internal and external relationships can create a clear and compelling family direction, increase connectedness and open new communication pathways.
  • How to enhance your family legacy and sustainability, and develop the structures designed to help your family achieve its stated purpose.Ways to lay the foundation for efficient and effective family governance structures and processes, which support sustainability.
  • How to develop shared agreements about family assets and define liquidity and exit options.
  • Tips to enhance your family’s connection to the surrounding community, while supporting a shared social mission.