Successful families strive to increase their human capital – a combination of the collective intellectual, social and financial capital that makes each family unique. Growing human capital, without sacrificing a family’s humanity, is central to the Relative Solutions mission.

In order to sustain family wealth and pass through the generation 3 hurdle, families have to identify what the next generations must know and experience in order to deal with the complex lives that they will live. Often, families feel challenged to identify methods to prepare next generation family members to lead and to make decisions. In addition, preparing the next generation to responsibly appreciate and appropriately steward their wealth is at the core of Relative Solutions’ service offering. We work with families to facilitate productive discussions about philanthropy, values and wealth, and develop customized programs to address specific educational issues that demand attention in each unique family setting.


Talking to Your Children about Money and Wealth
Challenges of Newly-Created Wealth
Educating Next Generation Shareholders
What Does it Mean to Have Inherited Wealth?
Managing Succession Across Generations
Using Family Foundations and Family Banks
Family Retreat

Position Open: Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO)
Leadership Development: Learning to Take Charge
Overcoming Entitlement and Raising Responsible Next Generation Family Members
A Development Plan for the Next Generation
XX Factor Guidebook