Fredda Herz Brown is featured in the new book, The Seven Pearls of Fina

Relative Solutions Principal Fredda Herz Brown is a featured expert in a chapter of the book, The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom – A Woman’s Guide to Enjoying Wealth and Power, authored by Carol Pepper and Camilla Webster (St. Martin’s Press).

As women’s earnings, freedom and influence increase, the old sequential patterns of education, marriage, motherhood, and retirement no longer apply. Today women cycle repeatedly but not in any traditional order through these stages: wealth building, romance and marriage, motherhood, power, crisis and loss, retirement, and legacy building. This new work by Pepper and Webster offers women one invaluable pearl of wisdom for each of these key areas, helping them move beyond outdated financial-planning ideas to enjoy their power, transforming both their money and their lives.

Fredda’s work is cited and she is quoted in the chapter Harmonize Blended Families Financially. “I think the hardest subject for people to talk about, the most taboo subject in our culture, is money,” says Fredda. “We talk about sex more easily than we talk about money… It gets really hard for people to deal with because they have to place themselves in relation to you. Money means more than cash or investments. It means love, power, control. Affection. When you are getting married, these are the issues, and money just magnifies them, especially if you add kids into the mixture… There needs to be a sense of both people having control over their lives. Not just for the individual but for the marriage.”