Family members may be engaged in both generating and spending their assets and in giving them away. Relative Solutions helps families determine their perspective on this issue. We help them think about their giving in terms of consistency with their family’s overall mission, their sustainability, and next generation development. Our unique “give to get equation” provides a framework for assisting parents in approaching this subject with the next generation.

Talking to Your Children about Money and Wealth
Challenges of Newly-Created Wealth
Defining the Need for a Family Office
Equality vs. Equity in the Family Business
What Does it Mean to Have Inherited Wealth?
Using Family Foundations and Family Banks

Position Open: Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO)
Giving Harmoniously as a Family
Family Governance Meets Family Dynamics
A Road Map: Choosing Advisors to Help Your Family with Governance and Family Dynamics
Keeping Up
Creating True Wealth Transfer. A Shift in Mindset.