Relative Solutions provides a systematic process for developing the necessary principles, governance structures, policies and procedures families need to engage in joint discussions and decision making. We work with families to develop effective Boards of Directors, shareholder assemblies and family councils. We take a long-term view of governance, assisting families in engaging members and future leaders, and maintaining a balance between transparency and confidentiality to ensure both trust and accountability.


Loss of Leaders

Rebuilding the Business

Developing Qualifications for Entries and Exits

Resolving Ownership Issues

Clarifying the Family’s Legacy and Future Direction

Defining Management Roles & Responsibilities

Defining the Need for a Family Office

Maximizing Resources: Vision and Mission

Family Retreat


Where Theory Meets Practice in Family Offices

Governance and the Enterprising Family

Family Governance Meets Family Dynamics

A Road Map: Choosing Advisors to Help Your Family with Governance and Family Dynamics

Matters of the Family

Parenting, Privilege and Challenging Tomorrow’s Leaders

A Death in the Enterprise Family

Creating True Wealth Transfer. A Shift in Mindset