Due to a downswing in the economy, a family owned travel business was considering the necessity of laying off a significant number of long-term employees. Because many of their employees were also relatives, the owners of the company were deeply distressed about this decision, but knew they had to go ahead with it, if the company were to survive.

Relative Solutions’ Direction
The owners were coached to provide information to all their employees with regard to the financial status of the company, and a clear explanation for the company’s need to cut back. They were also coached to meet individually and in small groups with employees who were to be laid off, outlining the details of their severance packages and providing support services for them as they searched for new jobs. In addition, they met regularly with those who were not laid off to assist them in taking on more responsibilities and organizing their time differently, while also adapting to the loss of co-workers.

Because many of employees and former employees were members of the same extended family, Relative Solutions facilitated a family retreat during which family members had an opportunity to view their family and work relationships separately, while committing themselves to the long-term viability of the family.