IPI’s Advisors Roundtable

The current financial crisis has shaken families at their foundation, and the very “crisis” nature of the world around has increased the level of tension and anxiety within. Advisors also tend to be struggling with their anxiety about financial decisions made for clients and the impact of the financial crisis on their financial yardsticks. With families and advisors both striving to find a stable ground in the midst of it all, redefining values and developing decision making, governance and leadership becomes more important.

Fredda Herz Brown will be presenting on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at the Yale Club in NYC.  This Advisors Roundtable will focus on:

  • The financial “post traumatic” stress for families and advisors
  • Dealing with advisor stress in the face of client stress
  • Redefining purpose, the meaning of money and success
  • Developing governance for the post trauma years