“Resilience and Sustainability: Essentials for Helping a Family Enterprise be Sustainable” Relative Solutions hosts Advisor/Investor Roundtable at the Institute for Private Investors in New York City – April 25, 2017

Fredda Herz Brown leads an Advisor/Investor Roundtable today with members of the Institute for Private Investors in New York City.  As professional advisors at Relative Solutions, one of our objectives is to help families to have the difficult conversations necessary to move themselves forward both as individuals and as integral members of their family enterprises.  But how do we know when there is readiness and availability to begin this process?  How do we help enable resilience in a family, to help them do the hard work that’s required and endure the process?  To learn more about “Resilience and Sustainability:  Essentials for Helping a Family Enterprise be Sustainable,” please contact us at Relative Solutions.

Video presentations: FOA’s “Successful Families” series

Relative Solutions is pleased to share the next series of conversations on what makes for “Successful Families.” In collaboration with Family Office Association, Fredda Herz Brown joins a leading panel of her peers to discuss best practices around “Mission and Constitution” and developing a family “Sense of Purpose.” We invite you to listen to these perspectives and insights here: https://vimeo.com/album/4228677


FFI 2016 Global Conference

Relative Solutions is proud to be a Sponsor of “Best Dissertation Award” at the FFI Annual Conference in 2016. As FFI marks 30 years of excellence and service to the field of family enterprise and its practitioners, we are honored to be a part of this community alongside our fellow peers and colleagues. Relative Solutions has sponsored the “Best Dissertation Award” since 2011 and we congratulate this year’s winner, Joshua Nacht, for his work on “The Role of the Family Champion.” #RelativeSolutions #FFI@30

October 28, 2016

Clarifying the Family’s Legacy and Future Direction

A fifth generation enterprise family had just sold its original business. The family members realized they felt unclear where to focus their future endeavors, but they wanted to think and work together in some way.

Relative Solutions’ Direction:
Relative Solutions met with the family’s task force to define the ways in which we might be helpful. The six people on the task force, who were fifth generation members of the branches of the family, had been responsible for the selection of the consultants and were now charged by the family with defining the next steps.

Together, the family task force and Relative Solutions mapped out a plan that entailed approximately a year’s work. They agreed that the family would meet as generational and branch groupings to discuss their vision and mission for remaining together in the family enterprise. The family also began to define what they thought those enterprises ought to be, including operating companies, investments and/or philanthropy. They planned a kick-off educational seminar to bring the entire family up to date on the current family holdings and at which family trust and other legal matters would be discussed. Work groups evolved from the initiatives defined in the seminar, and these, as well as the family groupings, continued to work with Relative Solutions.

The family decided to act on the results of their work group findings at the next family retreat/seminar. The task force and the family worked together in this format for a full year and defined the family’s core values, vision, mission, and strategic direction.